Monday, August 25, 2014

Fun times at the mission home!!!

I got special permission from the Area 70 to take my girls to Nashville to the temple
with our ward youth here in Farragut!! Afterwards we went to Hard Rock for some lunch!!
Fun day with my girls!!

These are the pictures from our last zone conference of the Cumberland Zone!
These photos were on my phone. Sorry I didn't download them last week with the rest!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 9th-13th we had our very first zone conferences!! Iam sorry moms but I was not at the Chattanooga or Asheville zone conferences and so there is only a group photo of those 2 zones!!:(
The other pictures are of our amazing missionaries in the Kingsport and Knoxville zones!!

This past week we received 3 new missionaries who were transferred to us from Africa!! It took a
bit to get them to us but we are so grateful to have them here safe and sound!! They are wonderful missionaries. (TtoB) Elder Dahlin, Elder Conners, Elder Tucker. Also, note the pictures I found on my camera that Elder Dahlin, Elder Roberts and Elder Russo left for me!! That's  what happens when you leave your camera laying around the mission office!!! LOVE THEM!!

Missionary Leadership Counsel......MLC!!! Fun dinner at the house! Kudos to Elder Bakker for
letting Izzy do his hair!! HaHa!!:)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

more photos of tranfers!!

Wednesday the 30th we had our first transfer!! Biggest in this missions history! It truly was organized chaos!!:) So much fun!!