Saturday, February 28, 2015

Well our very last missionary got off on the plane this morning!! We love and miss you already Sister Godlewski!!! Safe Travels!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

These 2 crazy Assistants!! Elder Searle and Elder Russo got my birthday present today and gave it to me........ A puzzle made out of one of our photos!! Aren't they the best? I love em to death!!

We had to say goodbye to Elder Gibson this transfer.......He was one of our Assistants for 6 months! We love this missionary more than words can express and we will miss him like crazy!!! Especially Izzy.....she adores Elder Gibson!! Oh the crying that happens at the airport!! Another piece of my heart was taken today!!!

On Monday night ....I came upon Elder Gibson reading bedtime stories to Izzy! I stole a picture and then went into my bedroom and Cried!!!


Here are all of our AMAZING departing missionaries!!! This just gets harder and harder every 6 weeks!! ughhh!!:( We had 22 missionries in the mission home waiting to go home and then it started to snow and by 9pm all of their flights were cancelled! we have spent the last 3 days getting missionaries home....we actually still have Sister Godlewski with us! she flies home in the morning!! Its been a very crazy transfer!! I think I need to sleep for a week!!:)

oh my......the tears!!! We are losing Elder Gibson!!

Transfers!!! Have fun looking for your missionary!! Sorry mom Droubay and Mom Smith that your sons are on top of a van!!! I told them they'd better not fall off!!

Our new missionaries having dinner in the mission photo on the front steps....walking to the church for orientation ... and sitting in orientation meeting!! They are so tired!! Its a long few days!:)
Welcome to the Tennessee Knoxville Mission........This is our Mission Office!

Here they are!!! All of our amazing new missionaries!! We are so excited to have them here and we love them so much already!! Great Group!!