Monday, October 27, 2014

It was Olivia's 13th birthday this past week.......Look at what the assistants made for her!!!
She will wear it with pride!! I have to share a little story from her.....She post quite a few pictures
of herself with the missionaries and last week she had some girls at school ask her " do your big brothers always wear suits and ties??"  HaHa..... we loved it!!! They really are her big brothers!! LOVE them!!:)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

SOOO incredibly hard!! President Griffin and I are not looking forward to doing this every 6 weeks for the next 3 years!! We love you all!!! PLEASE stay in touch with us!!!:)
I love all of my missionaries....but these 2 each took a piece of my heart home with them today!!
I love them to death and they will be missed more than they can imagine!!

This is without a doubt the worst part of this calling!!! Saying Goodbye!! Don't let the smiles fool you........ we have been crying for days! So incredibly hard to say goodbye to these Elders and sisters that we have grown to love so much!!!

These are our Dearly Departing Missionaries spending one last night in the mission home before we take them to the airport in the morning!!

Transfer Meeting!!!!

Hanging at the mission home before dinner, group photo Wednesday morning in front of the mission home, walking to the church with president for orientation and transfers ( tradition) and then trying to stay awake during orientation meeting!!!:)