Thursday, February 25, 2016

Yesterday we had our I-Pad training meeting with our new missionaries that came in 2 transfers ago and their trainers. We always have a great lunch afterwards!! As you can probably tell....Izzy had my camera for awhile!! :)
On tuesday we went up to Waynesville and attended their district meeting and we had lunch after!! Great Day!!!
So last week was my Birthday and these AMAZING ladies took me to lunch!! Sister Griffin,
Sister Thurgood, Sister Simes, Sister Christensen!!! We wouldn't survive without our Office missionaries!! And its so great that we all love each other and have fun together!!
P-day up in Severville with Elder Leach, Elder Jepperson , President and sister Griffin and
Elder Dillard. We went to the Pro Bass Shop!! They were like little kids in a candy store!!! Love them!!
This is Olivias Basket Ball team!! ( Shes on the left in dark blue) All of the girls on her team are
members of the church from around the knoxville area. But the cute girl in the white was not a
member and shes from the Louden branch and she just got baptized 2 weeks ago!! The whole team
came to her baptism and coach Dave!!! Congratulations Essence!!

So today i have a few random photos from off of my phone!! This is what we do in our down time here in the TKM........Pizza and a mean game of OLD MAID.....Elder Medel LOVES old maid!! :)