Monday, January 19, 2015

You might have noticed a familiar face in my p-day photos!! Our former assistant
(Elder) Andrew Bakker came to visit for the weekend! It was so great to have him here!!

P-day in Farragut!!!!  So much fun!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

This is the WORST part of transfers!! We hate saying goodbye! Enough said!! :(

Transfer Meeting! Hope you get to see your Missionary!!! We have the best Missionaries in the World!!!

Our Assistants,,,,, Elder Searle and Elder Russo

Orientation!! We received a new senior couple in our mission!! Elder and Sister Newton!! Their Grand daughter, Sister Lindhart, happens to be serving in our mission!! However she went home this they only got to see each other for the day!! CRAZY!

We welcome our new missionaries to Tennessee on this nice cold day!! Walking to the church with President Griffin!!

Yep!!! Once again the assistants have my camera!! WHAT A BLESSING!! We are outside the mission home getting ready to take our group photo before heading to the church for orientation and transfer meeting!! We are SOOO excited to have Elder Searle as our New assistant and we are SOOO sad to loose Elder Gibson!!! :( He will be going back out into the field before he goes home!!!

TRANSFER WEEK!!!!!!! This is our favorite part of transfers!! Getting NEW missionaries!! What an awesome group! Our smallest group to come to Tennessee so far! We have looked at their pictures for weeks now and we are always so excited to finally meet them!! LOVE them so much already! I have a few pics at the airport, a group photo in front of our mission office and then we are at the mission home! Feeding them and putting them to bed!!:)