Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Transfer meeting!!! I hope you see someone you love!! it was a huge transfer and lots of missionaries... i did my best!! :) so sorry if i missed anyone!!

Our wonderful Elder Johns... with elder Western and Leach....was in a pretty bad bike accident last week!! He looks much better than he did a week ago!! We were so grateful it wasnt more serious and that hes on the mend!!!

Group photo on the front steps and then they are all off to walk to the stake center with president Griffin!! Got a couple photos waiting for their orientation to start!!!

Dinner at the mission home with our new missionaries!!

Its Tranfers again!!! Just picked up all of these wonderful missionaries at the Airport!! Love them already!!!

 So here in the TKM.......Our Assistants have some extra duties!!! :) The salon is now open!!!
They are such great sports!! Izzy LOVES them!! :)