Friday, September 12, 2014

All right all you new parents.....this is what you've been waiting for!!! Transfers this week!! We got our brand new missionaries here on Tuesday afternoon!!! What a great group of missionaries!! we are so excited to get to know them all and work with them here in Tennessee!!! Love them so much already!!:) The photos are in random order....sorry! photo at the airport in front of a cement wall. group photo at the mission office (log building) Pictures in the mission home having dinner and just chilling. Then the next morning we have a group photo in front of the mission home and then walking over to the church and there is a picture of the super tired missionaries in orientation meeting....oh ya,  thats our izzy in a few photos!!! She loves the missionaries!!!


  1. Thanks for all you do and for the posts

  2. Great pics! Thanks for providing such an awesome blog site. We really appreciate all of the pics and updates. Thanks for taking care of our son, Elder Brandon Hill