Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Well.... we are in the middle of some great weather here in our mission!! Yesterday it started to rain
"Freezing Rain" It is so very beautiful on the trees but lots of power outages and very cold! We had some elders stranded and not able to get back to their areas after P-day!! The church is only a block from the mission house and so they came over and we had a sleep over at the mission home!!! Elder Byron, Elder Mcdonald, Elder Chavira, Elder Pattterson, Elder Searle, and Elder Thomas!! Had a fun night staying in the warm house with pizza and popcorn!! They got home safe and sound this morning!! Now we are waiting to see if we will actually get to have our 1/2 mission conference today with Elder Christofferson and Elder Soares!! Their flights were cancelled and we are waiting to see if they are going to rent a car and drive in from Atlanta!! a 3 hour drive!! what a crazy day!! Lots of prayers being said!! And all of our missionaries are safe and sound!!


  1. Thanks Sister Griffin for updating this Blog for us Moms to see our wonderful missionaries and to see your beautiful family. Hugs to you for taking care of our daughters and sons.

    Sister Echols

  2. Thank you for letting the Elders stay safely in your home! My son, Elder Patterson expressed his gratitude in his email to us for your sweet hospitality and making your home feel like home to him! He had a wonderful time, and it was just what he needed. Thank you for taking loving care of our boys!