Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hello family, friends and most importantly MOMS!!! I know i have some explaining to do..... i promise i did not forget about the blog!!:) its been about 1 month since i posted and iam really sorry!! Things have been crazy...... i got about a week behind and then all of our kids came out to Tennessee to visit us for a week and so i was crazy busy..... then wouldnt you know.... I totally lost my chord to charge and hook my camera to the computer!!! Went to a few stores in town and had no luck. Finally found one online and ordered it! Pretty sure it came by pony express cause it took 15 days to get here!!!! ugh!!! And of course it came while i made a trip to Utah to take our daughter to school!! SOOO iam back in business finally!! I wont get all my photos posted tonight but i promise ill catch up in the next day or 2......I have plenty to download!!
Heres some photos of some zone training meetings i managed to get to about 3 weeks ago!! I only got to 3..... sorry moms!!  These photos are of the Cumberland Zone!!

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